Everything you need to know about Gainesville Area AIDS project in Florida

Gainesville is a highly HIV AIDS affected area in Florida, and so many people have HIV positive, and they are struggling in their lives. Many organizations and volunteers in Florida came together and started the Gainesville Area AIDS project to help the people living there. It was founded in 1995 and now has an unknown number of employees and revenue to do charitable things to such victims.

About Gainesville Area AIDS project:

The volunteers who have all joined in this Gainesville Area AIDS project have supplied fresh meals for anyone with the HIV affected. At the same time, they also distribute their different kinds of provisions such as laundry soap, bathroom tissue, toothbrushes, dish soap, bleach, and so many personal things for which they don’t need to pay any money. As it is a non-profit organization, it helps HIV-affected people completely free of cost. Similarly, they also provide a drug and alcohol-free haven to the affected persons and their loved ones. They are not only helpers, but they are also experts in different fields. In this way, they create a wonderful learning environment for such HIV-affected people to learn everything about pressure washing. They are making a friendly atmosphere so you can feel free to learn about this pressure washing, and those experts also help them start their own pressure washing company or partner with anyone.

More things about Gainesville Area AIDS Project:

·         According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in the US, more than one million people are living with HIV, and there are many reasons for this infection.

·         The total number of HIV AIDS affected people have been rapidly increasing in recent years, and the new infections are also continued.

·         GAAP started actually 17 years ago when 5 mothers whose sons had HIV infection and realized there was no support group for such kinds of AIDS-affected people their them & their sons.

·         They understand how people wanted a space to live or need support & social activities by avoiding all paperwork hassles.

·         From that beginning to still now, they are successfully running this organization to help the needy people who are all infected by HIV AIDS.

Anyone can donate to this non-profit organization to help the people with such discomfort and satisfy their needy things. They often conduct private home meetings, dinners, and launch to give the short-term place to stay for the individuals who need it. If anyone wants to start a business like a pressure washing company, they will also train and help them do the same. You can directly visit their official website to know about their work, or if you want any help from this non-profit organization, you can call them through the given toll-free number.